Cheap Calls to South Africa from 3p per min; prices that are 90% cheaper than BT. Start saving now with our cheap call access numbers.
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Cheap Calls to South Africa from 2p/min

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Make cheap calls all over the world instantly from as little as 1p per minute!

Cheap Calls from a UK Landline or from your mobileUsing our reliable service, you can make crystal clear long distance calls to countries all over the world for prices that are up to 90% cheaper than BT. There's no delay and you can talk to your family, friends and make low cost business calls to any country in the world as if they were next door!

No Account Needed

The cheap calls service works on your existing telephone line - there's no need to sign up for an account, you don't need to provide any personal details and you can start using the cheap calls service right away!

Easy to use

All you do is dial the access number from your UK landline and when prompted, dial the international number you want to get connected to. You are only charged for the price of the call to the access number, which can be as low as 1p/min.

To start making low cost International calls:

  1. Select your destination from the list below
  2. Find out which rate applies to you
  3. Call the access number
  4. Dial your number
  5. Talk

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Instant Terms and Conditions
  • You must have the bill payer's permission before using our service.
  • You are charged from the time of connection to our service.
  • Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered.
  • BT apply a 15.97 pence (inc VAT) Call-Set-Up Fee to each call.
  • For customer services please call 033 3321 8705.
  • Services provided by New Call Telecom Ltd.

Access Numbers:

1p per minute. Dial access number 0844 720 5825

2p per minute. Dial access number 0844 838 5825

Kenya, Nairobi; Korea South; UK National; US Virgin Islands

3p per minute. Dial access number 0844 431 2922

Call South Africa for 3p per minute
South Africa for only 2p per minute - dial 0844 720 5825 for cheap calls to South Africa
Call Finland for 3p per minute
Bahamas for only 3p per minute - dial 0844 431 2922 for cheap calls to Bahamas
Call Estonia for 3p per minute
Estonia for only 3p per minute - dial 0844 431 2922 for cheap calls to Estonia
Call Finland for 3p per minute
Finland for only 3p per minute - dial 0844 431 2922 for cheap calls to Finland

4p per minute. Dial access number 0844 904 4205

Argentina Buenos Aires, Mobile; Argentina, Mobile; Armenia; Bangladesh; Bangladesh Mobile; Bahrain; Bolivia Santa Cruz; Bolivia, La Paz; Brunei, Mobile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Costa Rica, Mobile; Cyprus North; Cyprus, Mobile; Georgia; Iran Tehran; Iraq; Japan; Korea South, Mobile; Lithuania; Macao; Macao, Mobile; Malaysia, Mobile; Paraguay Asuncion; Reunion Island; Russia; Saudi Arabia Jeddah; Zambia

5p per minute. Dial access number 0844 570 5825

Albania; Bermuda; Bolivia Cochabamba; Christmas Island; Dominican Republic; Ghana; Guam; India; India, Mobile; Indonesia; Israel, Mobile; Laos, Mobile; Liechtenstein; Mexico; Nigeria; Nigeria Lagos; Pakistan; Puerto Rico; Serbia & Montenegro; Uruguay; Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan, Mobile;

6p per minute. Dial access number 0871 751 2628

Burundi; Cyprus North, Mobile; Gabon Republic, Mobile; Malawi, Mobile; Algeria; Cyprus North, Mobile; Gabon Republic, Mobile; Iran; Jamaica; Jordan, Mobile; Kuwait; Laos; Malta; Paraguay; Taiwan, Mobile; Tajikstan; Tajikstan, Mobile; Vietnam; Vietnam, Mobile;

7p per minute. Dial access number 0871 801 2705

American Samoa, Mobile; Barbados; Benin; Bolivia; Botswana; Burundi; Cambodia, Mobile; Cameroon; Cayman Islands; Colombia Bogota, Mobile; Colombia, Mobile; Dominica; Iran Tehran, Mobile; Iran, Mobile; Kenya; Kuwait, Mobile; Kyrgyzstan; Kyrgyzstan, Mobile; Mozambique; Namibia;Poland, Mobile; Trinidad & Tobago; Ukraine; Ukraine Kiev; Ukraine Kiev, Mobile; Ukraine, Mobile; Zimbabwe;

8p per minute. Dial access number 0871 552 2616

Antigua, Mobile; Aruba; Bahrain, Mobile; Brazil Rio De Janeiro, Mobile; Brazil Sao Paulo, Mobile; Brazil, Mobile; Cambodia; Cocos Island; El Salvador; French Guiana; Kazakhstan; Lebanon; Macedonia; Malawi; Netherlands Antilles; Paraguay Asuncion, Mobile; Paraguay, Mobile; Philippines; Rwanda; Sri Lanka; Turkmenistan, Mobile; Turks & Caicos; Uganda;

9p per minute. Dial access number 0871 341 2722

Australia, Mobile; Azerbaijan; Bolivia Cochabamba, Mobile; Bolivia La Paz, Mobile; Bolivia, Mobile; British Virgin Island; Chile, Mobile; Congo, Mobile; Ecuador; Georgia, Mobile; Guatemala; Japan, Mobile; Nepal; Niger Republic; Niger Republic, Mobile; Panama, Mobile; Philippines, Mobile; Rodriguez Islands; Sierra Leone; Tanzania; Togo, Mobile; Turkmenistan; Uganda, Mobile;

10p per minute. Dial access number 0871 570 7879


Anguilla; Antigua; Azerbaijan, Mobile; Czech Republic, Mobile; Dominican Republic, Mobile; Egypt, Mobile; El Salvador, Mobile; Finland, Mobile; Gabon Republic; Ghana, Mobile; Grenada; Guatemala, Mobile; Guinea; Indonesia Jakarta, Mobile; Indonesia, Mobile; Iraq, Mobile; Latvia, Mobile; Malawi, Mobile; Mauritius; Moldova; Montserrat, Mobile; Nigeria Lagos, Mobile; Nigeria, Mobile; Rwanda, Mobile; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent; Saudi Arabia; Sri Lanka, Mobile; Sudan; Togo; Trinidad & Tobago, Mobile; Turkey Istanbul, Mobile; Turkey, Mobile; Venezuela Caracas, Mobile; Venezuela, Mobile; Zambia, Mobile;

15p per minute. Dial access number 0905 306 5941


Albania, Mobile; Algeria, Mobile; American Samoa; Angola; Anguilla, Mobile; Armenia, Mobile; Aruba, Mobile; Austria, Mobile; Belarus; Belarus, Mobile; Benin, Mobile; Bhutan; Bosnia and Herz.; Bosnia and Herz., Mobile; Botswana, Mobile; Burkina Faso; Cameroon, Mobile; Cayman Islands, Mobile; Chad Republic; Congo; Croatia, Mobile; Dominica, Mobile; Ecuador, Mobile; Egypt; Faeroe Islands; France, Mobile; Germany, Mobile; Greece, Mobile; Grenada, Mobile; Guinea Bissau, Mobile; Guinea, Mobile; Haiti; Honduras; Honduras, Mobile; Hungary, Mobile; Ireland, Mobile; Italy, Mobile; Ivory Coast; Ivory Coast, Mobile; Jamaica, Mobile; Kazakhstan, Mobile; Kenya, Mobile; Lebanon, Mobile; Lithuania, Mobile; Luxembourg, Mobile; Madagascar; Mauritania; Mongolia; Montserrat; Morocco; Mozambique, Mobile; Nepal, Mobile; Netherlands Antilles, Mobile; Netherlands, Mobile; New Zealand, Mobile; Nicaragua; Norway, Mobile; Oman; Palestine; Peru Lima, Mobile; Peru, Mobile; Portugal, Mobile; Qatar; Romania, Mobile; Saint Kitts; Saint Vincent, Mobile; Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Mobile; Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Mobile; Saudi Arabia, Mobile; Senegal Republic; Seychelles; Seychelles, Mobile; Sierra Leone, Mobile; Slovakia, Mobile; South Africa, Mobile; Spain, Mobile; Swaziland; Sweden, Mobile; Switzerland, Mobile; Syria; Syria, Mobile; Tanzania, Mobile; Tonga Islands; Tunisia; UK Mobile O2; UK Mobile Orange; UK Mobile T-Mobile; UK Mobile Vodafone; United Arab Emirates; United Arab Emirates, Mobile; Uruguay, Mobile; Vatican City, Mobile; Yemen; Zimbabwe, Mobile;

20p per minute. Dial access number 0905 257 5841


Andorra, Mobile; Angola, Mobile; Barbados, Mobile; Belgium, Mobile; Belize; Belize, Mobile; Bulgaria, Mobile; Burkina Faso, Mobile; Burma - Myanmar; Cape Verde Island; Denmark, Mobile; Equatorial Guinea; Eritrea; Estonia, Mobile; Ethiopia; Ethiopia, Mobile; Fiji Islands; Fiji Islands, Mobile; French Antilles, Mobile; French Guiana, Mobile; French Polynesia; Gambia; Gambia, Mobile; Guadeloupe, Mobile; Guyana; Guyana, Mobile; Haiti, Mobile; Iceland, Mobile; Lesotho; Lesotho, Mobile; Liberia; Liberia, Mobile; Libya; Libya, Mobile; Macedonia, Mobile; Madagascar, Mobile; Maldives; Maldives, Mobile; Mali Republic; Malta, Mobile; Mexico Mexico City, Mobile; Mexico, Mobile; Moldova, Mobile; Monaco, Mobile; Morocco, Mobile; Namibia, Mobile; New Caledonia, Mobile; Nicaragua, Mobile; Qatar, Mobile; Reunion Island, Mobile; Saint Lucia, Mobile; Senegal Republic, Mobile; Serbia & Montenegro, Mobile; Suriname; Suriname, Mobile; Tonga Islands, Mobile; Tunisia, Mobile; Turks & Caicos, Mobile; UK Mobile 3; Zimbabwe Mobile Econet; Zimbabwe Mobile Telecel;

25p per minute. Dial access number 0905 474 5731


Afghanistan; Central African Rep; Dem Rep Of Congo; Dem Rep Of Congo, Mobile; Djibouti; Djibouti, Mobile; Gibraltar, Mobile; Micronesia; New Caledonia; Palau; Slovenia, Mobile;

35p per minute. Dial access number 0905 032 5602


Ascension Island; Comoros; Cook Islands; Greenland; Guinea Bissau; Korea North; Liechtenstein, Mobile; Marshall Island; Papua New Guinea; Somalia; Tuvalu, Mobile; Wallis & Futuna; Western Samoa;

50p per minute. Dial access number 0905 091 5519


Cook Islands, Mobile; Cuba; Cuba Guantanamo; Cuba Guantanamo, Mobile; Cuba, Mobile; Diego Garcia; East Timor; Falkland Islands; Greenland, Mobile; Kiribati; Kiribati, Mobile; Papua New Guinea, Mobile; Saint Helena; Solomon Islands; Vanuatu;

60p per minute. Dial access number 0905 152 5477

Antarctica; Nauru; Niue; Sao Tome; Sao Tome, Mobile; Solomon Islands, Mobile; Tuvalu;

How can I make cheap calls from my mobile?
  1. Send a text message with FILLMEUP to 83006
  2. You will be charged £3 and your mobile will be credited with £3 talk time
  3. Call the access number that applies to your country/destination
  4. Dial your number
  5. Talk

Make cheap calls from your mobile

  • You must have the bill payer's permission before using our service
  • Text to 83006 costs 3 plus your standard mobile network rates for the request message and is charged by your service provider
  • Our service can be used from the mobile number used for the subscription to our service or from another phone using a PIN
  • Calls to our 0207 access number will be charged by your service provider at their standard rate or included in your call package
  • If you don't use our service to make a call or send a top up request within 90 days any unused Calling Credit will expire
  • For customer services please call 033 3321 8705
  • Service provided by Onetel Telecommunications Ltd.

I need Help!

If you would like further information on how this service works, simply email us at and we will respond as soon as possible to answer your query!

If you are having trouble with your Topup Service, please submit this Topup2Talk support form.

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