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General Support

If you need help making cheap calls, just contact us using the form below and we will be happy to respond (usually within 1 hr during normal working hours). Or read the FAQs below for instant advice.

Topup Service

If you are having trouble with the 83006 Topup Service, please complete the Topup support form with as much information as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions our users often ask. If you still don't find the answer to your query, email us and we'll be glad to help.

Q. How do I start making cheap calls?

A. Find the access number of the country you want to call, dial the number and follow the prompts. It's simple!

Q. Do I need to sign up for an account?

A. No, you don't need to sign up for an account. You don't even need to give us your name. Just dial the access number that corresponds to the country you want to call, dial the destination number and start talking.

Q. What will I be charged?

A. If you are calling from a UK landline you will be charged only for the per minute cost of dialing the access number that corresponds to the country you want to call. Note that if you call from a mobile phone, your operator may charge you at the standard rate for the mobile phone call.

Q. What countries can I call?

A. You can call almost every country in the world. The rates differ, but the process is the same. Just locate the access number, dial and talk. Here's a list of countries you can call and their rates.

Q. What is the access code for 0844 2p calls?

A. The access code to call the USA and selected other countries for only 2p is 0844 838 5825.

Q. What is the message text I need to send to 83006 to topup my account?

A. If you are using the TopUp2Talk service, you can send an SMS to topup your account. Send an SMS from your mobile phone with the message FILLMEUP to 83006. You will be charged with £3 credit and you will be able to call all over the world immediately.

Q. What are the rates to call a landline in South Africa?

A. The rate to call a landline in South Africa is 4p per minute if you are dialing from a UK landline. If you are calling from a mobile phone, please note that your mobile operator may charge you for the mobile call. If you want to call a mobile phone in South Africa, please note that the rate is 15p per minute. Here is a full list of cheap call rates to South Africa.

Q. I sent a FILLMEUP message to 83006 but my phone was not charged?

A. If you sent an SMS with the words FILLMEUP to 83006 and you did not receive your topup, please complete the '83006 FILLMEUP topup not received form' to get technical support. We will sort out the problem for you ASAP!

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